Squirt Performance Ducts now available

So crazy how this all got started.

It's 8:30 am and my 3 sons and daughter are off to school. Stepping back for a few minutes I thought I'd share how this all got started:

Just about a month ago, I created a 3D design to hold an analog module adapter for my DJI FPV goggles so I could watch my 3 sons fly their TinyWhoops through the house. We've done this for years: They love chasing eachother, spying on their sister and mom and sometimes they get the cats to attack. (Yikes!)

Caleb, my 11 year old and I talked about posting the design to Thingiverse as he and I have been 3d printing for several years now.  (Even designs to hold cameras for our super cheap eachine011 whoops.)

After sharing it we were surprised to see how many people were printing and building it.  SO I thought it would be a great way for my sons to learn about STEM (Science Technology and Math) as they have all been involved in school robotics programs.  An I thought it would be a wonderful chance for them to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Flash forward 45 days and we have a website running, our printer is printing nonstop and Caleb is taking on more of the tasks to print, build and ship modules to you.  My 14 year old, Andrew is taking on the management side of the site And will ve contributing new designs as he's a Freshman in High School taking robotics and 3d design classed. . Both of their minds are blown with ideas of new products to image and create. What about my 8 year old, Elijah?  He just likes to fly!

I'm just a filmmaker and creative agency owner, but this is an amazing thing to witness and experience.  Thanks to all of you for the orders and trust. Let's keep flying!